develop the Conscience who you are, a Sparkle of the Light who is G.d
                             an Example of distant Healing[*],                              then be(come) Your own Healer[**] and the Healer of others as well

distant Healing Requests at

              (distant Contact between unknown People may be hijaked by third Parties, so that the Intervention may fail)

Praise to spiritual Masters

remember that every spiritual Master was born as anyone does,
and experienced the Existence amid a Family as anyone does,
then developed into a Master[***]

Lotus Flowers have much to do with the awakened Mind, or Conscience:
they rise above above Earth and Water such as an awakened Mind rises above worldly Matters[****]


[*] on distant Healing (which is Art) and how it works (which is Science), please refer to any  scientific Research on the Subject and, on i.e. to anything that is mentioned in ''Cittadini delle Tenebre'' by Peter Kolosimo (in ''Polvere d'Inferno'' he mentions technological Devices that mimick natural distant Healing: this has nothing to do with Shamoushathy's Practice, that is my Practice), as well as i.e. to the Researches by Masaru Emoto on Water Chrystals, as well as anything mentioned by medical Doctor Rauni L. L. Kilde on the Theme;

see as well the Work by Monks or spiritual Masters or even, at holy Sites (the Believer may be blessed and healed on the Spot or, feel sudden Relief from the own Afflictions);

[**] cfr. i.e. ''be your own Therapist'' by Manly P. Hall (see on-line Video at Promienie Gwziad Channel), and in ''the Mustard Seed: the revolutionary Teaching'' by Osho Rajineesh (about official Therapies versus unofficial Therapies: see i.e. his dynamic Meditation or cathartic Meditation)

[***] cfr. i.e. the Life of saint Francis of Assisi, Siddharta Buddha, others (several Sources);

i.e. the Oracle of Delphi was a Master (and recalled to ''gnoti seauton'', ''know thyself'': cfr. ''thyself'' as a Conscience or a Sparkle of the Light who is G.d), and i.e. the iChing is an Oracle (that represents 64 States of the Being, which all together make a Wholeness, i.e. in Numerology this is represented by 1, see 64 is equal to 6 + 4, that is 10, or 1 + 0 equal 1, the Symbol of Integrity: when consulting the Oracle, it is a Self-enquiry and it tells you how are you in that present Moment, and enhances your Awareness of yourself; once one becomes a Master is able to enquire himself/herself without the Need of a Tool such as the physical ''Mutations Book'' with Coins, i.e. Edition by Richard Wilhelm, Forewords by Carl Gustav Jung;

another Means to help one realize the own Condition, in order to achieve Wholeness, is in the Work by Mary Violet Firth, or Dion Fortune ''the mystical Qabalah'', where the opposite and complementary States of the Being are exposed as well as the balanced Condition in between, which is the straightforward Way to actualize Integrity, and in the Work by René Guénon ''the multiple States of the Being'',

and all those Works and Tools tells about one's and the other's invisibile or interior Reality and visibile and exterior Reality, and both of them have to be considered when working around Wholeness/Integrity)

[****] cfr. in ''the great Vehicle'' of Buddhism (''la Rivelazione del Buddha: il grande Veicolo'', Mondadori)