Images are more telling than Words[*] and Images are the Language of the Conscience


[*] see Presentation by Alejandro Jodorowski Work ''Psychomagic'', and ''the Way of Tarots'', and see the Work by Jiddu Krishnamurti about Language that splits versus one's original Perception (i.e. as a Newborn) that is unified (cfr. Concept of divine Unity across every ethnical  spiritual Tradition, that is Science/Art; Edgar Cayce suggests to meditate on ''Unity'' for Wellbeing, that is Shalom in Hebrew), i.e. the Experience of Wholeness (that is Integrity and Holiness) is a Matter of Perception (Words can barely potray it; Images portray it better; Allegories are a correct Blend or Mixture between Images and Words, and these were used by Jesus Christ, cfr. Parables and in Buddhism and in Sufism, and by Plato), and see also Images as the Language of the Conscience in ''Transurfing'' by Vadim Zeland, and Tales are Part of this Language (see i.e. the 13 cathartic Tales by Rav Nachman of Breslav, and ''Talks with a Devil'' by Peter D. Ouspensky and all original Tales of any ethnical Tradition, including ''the golden Ass'' or ''the Metamorphosis'' by Apuleio, and many other ancient Writings), while for Symbols, much is told in ''the Constructeurs des Cathédrales'' by Christian Jacq;

living Images and Phenomena communicate more than dead Words, the formers are of the Conscience (who one really and eternally is: a Sparkle of the Light who is G.d), the latters are of the Mind (an expressive Vehicle of the Conscience, together with Psyche, Body and Generativity, which one temporary has), and the Conscience is fertile, the Mind is sterile, (Words may be the Shell of Images which are the content, and yet it is difficult to really vehiculate the Meaning i.e. of a Phenomena through Words, see i.e. the Phenomena of ''Awakening'' one shall experience it, because saying ''an awakened Mind'' per se means nothing to one who hears it,

maybe Sounds may vehiculate a Concept or a perceptive Experience (i.e. in Case a Concept gets associated to a Sound; Sound is a Vibration and Vibration can be perceived: this is the scientific Principle upon which original Mantras and Prayers have been forged), as shown in several Experiments, anyhow it is impossible to Proof whether the Phenomena can be equally experienced by everyone in the same Manner, because everyone is similar and yet different than another (cfr. i.e. ''everyone is a living sentient Being conceived and forged by G.d'' as well as ''everyone is unique and unrepeatable'', and precious: in Terms of both Conscience and Vehicles, see above),

and it is said that every Sound is associated to a colorful Light (cfr. Meditation by supreme Master ChingHai on ''G.d's Sound and Light'', and cfr. the Work by Endrik Favero in the Field of medical Therapy, and others)