Blessings are priceless, worthful, valuable

Prayers, Mantras by other Entities, revised

                                                   original samaritan Work

distant Healing:

Prayer[*] and Meditation

first Class Treatment (individual)

lower Class Treatment (collective)

distant Healing

the Light[**] Transmission

first Class Treatment (individual)

lower Class Treatment (collective)

distant Healing

Writing and Suggestions[***]

depends on Complexity and Lenght

+ administrative Work[****]

Rescue Service[******]



[*] cfr. the Influence of Prayers and Thoughts (invisible Matter, spiritual World of Ideas) on the visibile Matter (material World of Concreteness), in ''Cittadini delle Tenebre'' by Peter Kolosimo (distant Healing), in ''the happiest Person in the World'' who is Mathieu Ricard (the favourable Effects of Meditation on the physiology of the Brain) and ''Mindfulness'' by John Kabat-Zinn, in ''Emoto's Water Christal Experiments'' (how Thoughts influence Matter), in every original scientific spiritual Tradition (about Prayers and Meditations, forged according to a specific metric Pattern, upon oneselves and others), in ''Yuen Method'' (Spirit comes first, Matter afterwards), throughout the Work by Michael Omraam Aivanhov, and that of Manly P. Hall, and cfr. Meditation in ''meditative Walking'' by Tich Nath Han, and ''Cammino consapevole'' by la Compagnia dei Cammini, and see also in ''Thanks: AUG GIA Field Resonance Technique'' by Fabio Marchesi

[**] ''the Splendour of Tipharet: the Yoga of the Sun'', upon the Conference of Michael Omraam Aivanhov, Prosveta (a .pdf Version on-line); cfr. Sungazing, the Practice by Hira Ratan Manek; cfr. the Sun as Allegory of the Light who is G.d in saint Francis ''Laudes Creaturarum'' and in the ''hemerald Tablets'';

Shamoushathy, who is me, stares directly into the Sun (or the Sun into Shamoushathy) at any Time of the Day; Training started after July 29, 2013 (in few Years the Skill Consolidation was acquired);

the Sun allegorically represents the Light, (he represents the ''Materialization of the Spirit'' and the ''Spiritualization of the Matter'', cfr. this pivotal Transformation in the Work by Alejandro Jodorowski and the Result is the Application of the ''Lapis Philosophorum'' of the original Alchemists, as well as the Actualization of the ''golden Rule'' of Ethics and of all original Religions, that is ''inner plus outer Happiness'' for every1 or, ''inner Goodness/Love plus outer Strenght/Power'' by every1, and ''Gold'' is from ''Aurum'' in Latin, that is ''Aur'' in Hebrew for ''Light''),

and see the Sun as the Allegory of the Light, as explained by Fausto Carotenuto at Coscienzeinrete youtube, 'il Natale come non te ne hanno mai parlato'', published on 12/18.2019 (on Christmas, see also ''Noël et Pâques dans la Tradition initiatique'' by Michael Omraam Aivanhov,

as well as see the Embodiment of Horus or Harpocrated, in ancient Egypt, (the King, the Queen: Pharaons, Emperors, true royal People, of noble Soul, see Consciences), who could stare directly into the Sun (because all Obstacles were removed), in ''les 33 Degés de la Sagesse'' by Christian Jacq, at Symbol 25, l'Aigle (the Eagle)

[***] upon own Observations of Reality & upon Meditation that connects to Truth & upon the Reading and Aknowledgement of several and many Essays of Philosophy, Psychology, alternative Medicine, Spirituality (by Scientists/Artists of Spirituality: every Science is an Art, every Art is a Science), & upon own, direct and distant healing Experience (this includes: homeopathic and allopathic Medicine prepared by Shamans or Nuns; alternative Medicine or traditional ethnic Medicine, modern Coaching, classic Therapy - all of them practiced by spiritual Masters someone already actualized, someone else in the Making), & upon the Enhancement of Conscience or, the Enablement of consciencial Activation, as taught by Jiddu Krishnamurti (i.e. in ''who am I'', short Video on-line, and in ''la Scoperta della Libertà'', Documentary, on-line) and by Alejandro Jodorowski (see ''the holy Mountain'', ''Metagenealogy'', ''Psychomagic'', ''the Tarots for Self-knowledge''),

remember that aknowledging Concepts from the direct Action of a Master is the Best (i.e. the very Voice, Shape, Way to express, and the Presence of a Master, all vehiculate healing Particles, beyond the Content of the Message or Gesture of the Master himself/herself, as explained i.e. by supreme Master ChingHai)

[****] administrative Work, beside the Work as Activist for living sentient Beings's Rights/Duties at Linkedin,

[******] cfr. christian Gospel as in Luke 10:25-37 ; for initial free Aid see Tools (Lectures, Prayers, Teachings) at, by Carol Pate